WE ARE YOUR BUILDING ENERGY EXPERTS  At Walker-Miller Energy Services LLC  we are an experienced team of energy experts, including electrical and mechanical engineers, building analysts, certified energy managers, and technicians. We perform energy efficiency services that help to decrease consumption, shrink the carbon footprint, improve air quality, comfort, and safety - we provide:


• Energy efficiency assessments
• Energy management solutions and implementation
• Energy-efficient products and installation
• Operating cost efficiencies
• Residential weatherization
• Energy audits


Let us use our industry experience to help you navigate the rapidly changing energy landscape.


Energy efficiency is foundational to our energy futures. It enables renewable energy and contributes to healthier and more sustainable indoor and outdoor ecosystems.

-Carla Walker-Miller, president of Walker-Miller Energy Services



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Residential energy assessment and auditing services. Blower door testing, and more.


Specializing in commercial and industrial energy audits.

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