Walker-Miller Energy Services is a Detroit-based company that promotes innovative and cost-saving strategies to help individuals and companies meet the demands of the modern world.

Our energy efficient and sustainable products and services improve infrastructure while also promoting renewable and sustainable technologies. We are a client-focused company that leverages our significant experience and knowledge on behalf of our customers. Serving a wide variety of constituencies – from home owners to manufacturers to large-scale utility companies – we provide:

• Energy efficiency assessments
• Energy management solutions and implementation
• Energy-efficient products and installation
• Operating cost efficiencies
• Residential weatherization
• Energy audits

Energy efficiency is foundational to our energy futures. It enables renewable energy and contributes to healthier and more sustainable indoor and outdoor ecosystems.

-Carla Walker-Miller, president of Walker-Miller Energy Services




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Residential energy assessment and auditing services. Blower door testing, and more.


Specializing in commercial and industrial energy audits.

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